Want Daily Income, Consider Layer Eggs Business

Layer eggs business is undoubtedly a lucrative enterprise which is capable of generating continuous daily income unlike other enterprises. Layer birds are easily managed in battery cage unlike deep litter. However, there are different levels and system of production with its associated technology in layer eggs business.
According to FAO, Integrated egg production is the most advanced enterprise and involves full mechanization and automation of the egg production cycle including battery egg laying, temperature controls, scientific feeding and mechanized egg collection methods.
The demand of eggs in food industries, confectioneries, cosmetics and bakery will continue to soar as egg is the only source of quality protein with complete essential amino acids needed for human nutrition. It also provides important sources of iron, vitamins, (vitamin D ranked second only to fish liver oils) phosphorus and Calcium (in egg shell) for persons of all ages.

Layers are for egg production, the pullet gestation period is 18-24weeks from day old with good management practice and it’s always good for any intending investors to go for what his capital can cover because the business is somehow capital intensive and you don’t use faith to feed birds. Passion, commitment, location, enough capital, dedicated staffs and good management are very essential for the business growth advised Balogun Micheal, CEO, Mikebal Farms.

Starting with 1000 birds or more will give you quick headway in the poultry enterprise. Your stock could be Day Old Chicks (DOC) or Point of Lay (POL at 18 weeks), the POL will start to lay 21-24 weeks. With good management, a POL can lay for 18 months from the day it started to lay eggs.

I started Poultry 8 months ago, with 300 broilers and 600 layers, in December I sold about 230 broilers, I lost about 70 Broilers. Today I have about 480 layers, giving me 70 percent egg production. I find poultry to compliment piggery so well. Poultry (layers) is daily income, while piggery is long term, so my birds pay salaries and take care of daily needs. my cost is 43 percent of my Income. The challenge: Theft. uhmmnn. It is believed that in Nigeria that even if you employ an angel to work in your poultry, there is no way you can prevent them from stealing eggs. Well, I have installed Cameras on my farm. I think I have been able to reduce it. I’m increasing my layers to about 1,200 this time around and am buying point of cage (14weeks) submitted Deji

For successful layer eggs business, it is very important to observe the following measures; Biosecurity, Good Management Practices, Close Monitoring, Balanced Feeding and Proper Vaccination Program. Equally, it is necessary to prevent or lower prolapse in laying birds. During oviposition (the process of laying an egg) the shell gland (the lower part of the hen’s reproductive tract where the egg shell is formed) is temporarily inverted (turned inside out) along with the egg. This allows the hen to lay a very clean egg. Sometimes the oviduct will not immediately retract once the egg has been laid. This condition is known as Prolapse.

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