OYES is a volunteer’s empowerment programme by Osun State Government designed to retrain and empower young, unemployed adults. It aims at creating a bridge to employment by equipping young men and women with positive work ethics and culture, self sustenance, resourcefulness and respect for the environment.   

The OYES scheme was introduced on 17thof December, 2010 during Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji, Aregbesola, Administration
The OYES volunteers are first trained in a camp and paid camp allowances before deployment to productive services in identified areas of socio-economic life. They are also paid a basic allowance to help cover basic needs. Areas where OYES Corps are deployed to are Public Works Brigade, Green Gang, Osun Sheriff Corps, Traffic Marshalls, Osun Paramedics, Sanitation Czars. They are smartly kitted for group identity and high morale.
In sharpening and heightening their civic responsibility in general and work ethics in particular, membership in the scheme has given the OYES corps members clear advantages in the general economy facilitating their attractiveness, suitability and in many cases recruitment into the civil service, agencies of government, private organisations who are partnering with the state government on the scheme, private sector employers, and patronage by government of their products and services.
Successful participation in the scheme is a unique opportunity for most corps members to acquire correct life attitudes, self confidence and improved skills within one year on the scheme.
Requirement for Participation
A valid and personal phone number
A valid and unique Email address
A current Scanned passport Photograph
NB: Ensure that the phone number and the E-mail address supplied is with you and is accessible while registering. Please submit immediately, a copy of your printed acknowledgement (Photo Card) to OYES Mentor at your Local Government Office and sign the register.
Visit their website to apply: http://oyes.org.ng/
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