Robotics and Artificial intelligence for the Agricultural sector.

Science has brought an agricultural revolution. This technology has protected the crop yield from various factors like the climate changes, population growth, employment issues and the food security problems. This main aim of this write-up is to let you see the various applications of Artificial intelligence in agriculture such as for irrigation, weeding, spraying with the help of sensors and other means included in robots, drones and other technology. These technologies saves the excess use of water, pesticides, rodenticides, herbicides, maintains the fertility of the soil, also helps in the efficient use of man power and increase the productivity and energize the quality.
Agriculture plays a significant role in the economic sector. The automation and technology in agriculture is the main concern and the developing subject across the world. The population is increasing greatly and with this increase in the demand of food, unemployment is also increasing every day in the world. The local methods which were used by the farmers, were not sufficient enough to fulfill these requirements. Thus, new automated methods were introduced. These new developed technology methods satisfied the food requirements and also provided employment opportunities to billions of people.
Robotics on the other hand are specialized release of technology that are capable of assisting farmers with a wide and large range of farming operations. They have the capability to scan, analyze, contemplate, suggest and carry out a multitude of functions, and they can be programmed to grow and evolve to match the needs of various tasks on a farm either on the open space or greenhouse. Agricultural Robots can be used for a great number of tasks to ease the stress of the farmers. Their major role is to tackle labor-intensive, repetitive, and physically stressful and demanding tasks. In recent years, however, robots are being used for various farm work as well that were previously only tackled by experienced farmers. This includes the ability to pick out fruits and vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes and strawberries.
What is the difference between robotics and artificial intelligence? Over time we have seen people ask questions to know what exactly differentiate this two terms. Let us take a good look at this: Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science. It involves developing computer programs to complete tasks that would otherwise require human intelligence. AI algorithms can tackle learning, perception, problem-solving, language-understanding and/or logical reasoning. AI is used in many ways within the modern world. For example, AI algorithms are used in Google searches, and GPS route finders. Most AI programs are not used to control robots most times while Robotics is a branch of technology that deals with physical robots. Robots are programed machines that are usually able to carry out a series of actions autonomously, or semi-autonomously. There are three important factors which constitute a robot: Robots interact with the physical world via sensors and actuators, Robots can be programed, Robots are usually autonomous or semi-autonomous. We can see the difference now right?
What are the importance of this developed technology for the agricultural sector?
AI helps improve and increase farm Harvest Quality: AI systems are helping to improve the farm harvest quality, quantity and accuracy, which is also known as precision agriculture. AI technology help in detecting the diseases and pest in plants, they recognise poor plant nutrition, etc. It also allows the farmers to monitor the health of the crops and the soil. This helps the farmers control the harvest quality. Computer vision and deep learning algorithms are captured from flying drones over the field. With the use of image recognition approach, the possible defects can be identified from the images captured by the camera. They help in aerial photography too.
AI Tackles the Labour shortage: As very few people are entering this profession these days. Many of the farmers are facing workforce shortage, Farms need large number of workers every time, especially during the harvesting season. Rural-Urban migration is now rampant, leaving fewer people in the villages. AI provides one solution to farmers called AI Agriculture Bots. These bots help by reducing manual labour and also, various other ways. The bots can harvest crops in higher volumes and at a faster pace than humans. Having a computer leverage, this AI developed technology can work more accurately than human beings.
Robotics will increase crop yields:
To ensure that increasingly efficient machines have plenty of plants to harvest, several companies have developed robots that rely on data gathering and analysis to increase crop yields.
Agro marketing will be more of focus:
Farmers need to focus on the business of farming than production, robotics will help farmers find their focus and major on the business of farming rather than depending on middle men.

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