Profitable Plantain Farming

Want To Make Millions In Agribusiness? Start A Plantain Farm

You will soon discover that you can make millions in agriculture without much stress through plantain farming.

Plantain farming is a very lucrative  agribusiness venture because you can cultivate plantain here in Nigeria sell it directly to both local and international consumers or process it to other forms. You can boil, fry, roast or even grind plantain into flour or any other form that is marketable and sell the processed form at a higher price to make more profit.

This is the agricultural venture that is suitable for the working class who does not have much time to spend on the farm. Plantain plantation if properly managed is a very good investment that you can trust to bring in good returns when you retire. This is because it is relatively easier to manage and it does not require too much technicalities. Therefore, you don’t have to be a professor in agriculture to cultivate plantain. However, you will still need to manage it to make the best out of it.

The good news is that the market for plantain is readily available because of the ever growing population and the numerous uses of plantain which has increased the demand for plantain. The international market for plantain has also not been satisfied as most plantain farmers only sell to the local consumers.

Today, I will show you how to select the best cultivar for plantain, the best management practices to ensure you make huge profit, and how to sell to the international market.

Today, I will show you how to select the best cultivar for plantain, the best management practices to ensure you make huge profit, and how to sell to the international market.

Before I show you how to cultivate plantain let me first answer this question that you may be asking

Which is?

Is plantain cultivation really profitable?

In the open market, a bunch of plantain costs about N750 to N2,000 if you are selling to the final consumers directly without processing it.

On one acre of land you can plant 750 plantain suckers and you sell them at an average of N1,000 per bunch then you will makeN750,000. When you deduct the cost of production of about N250,000 you have N500,000 after ten months in the first year of planting. In the subsequent years, all things been equal, your return will increase because you don’t need to buy suckers again. The only expenses you will incur is the cost of managing the plantation. You can also sell excess plantain suckers to generate more income. This illustration is for just one acre of land, just imagine what your return will be if you have about 5 acres of plantain plantation, then you will have a minimum of N2, 500,000 every year.

From the illustration above you can clearly see that cultivating plantain is a very profitable venture.

Now let’s go into how you can start, manage and make huge profit from plantain farming.

If you want to start a plantain farm there are things that you must to start a profitable plantain farm.


The importance of a business plan cannot be over emphasized. In any agribusiness venture, the importance of a very good business plan to the success of the farm is unquantifiable. The business plan will help you to see every aspect of your business at a glance, you will know what to expect in the course of running your agribusiness venture and you will be able to plan and make the necessary preparations to avoid many challenges that may arise. A well written business plan also helps you to properly plan the financial aspect of your business, make better use of funds and identify the sources of revenue and the expected profit the business should generate within a given time frame. This helps you to quickly notice when your business is not bringing in the expected revenue so that you can identify and tackle the cause of low returns.

Furthermore, a very good business plan can help you to get investors to fund your farm. This is because the business plan can easily help the investors to see that your agribusiness venture is profitable which will in turn arouse their interest in investing in your farm. To access government loans targeted towards agriculture, you will also require a very good business plan.

In just two weeks, you can get a well written and detailed business plan that is unique to your business. Indicate your interest in the comment section and we will show you how you can have access to it.


When you want to cultivate plantain, or any other crop for commercial purposes, you must ensure that you choose the land you plan to use very carefully. This is because the location you choose to plant, the type of soil on the land, the climatic condition of that land will determine to a large extent if the agribusiness will be viable or not.

Plantain requires a well drained loamy soil that is rich in organic matter. This is because plantain requires nutrients to produce maximally. You can identify the fertility of the land through the type of vegetations present on the land and some other factors. You can also add organic manure and if need be inorganic manure to the plantain farm so that it can get the nutrients it requires.

Plantain do well in tropical regions with temperatures ranging from 26 to 30 degrees Celsius. This shows that plantain does not thrive in areas that are too hot or too cold. It is also important to ensure that there is availability of water as plantain requires water to do well. It is an added advantage if the land you intend to use for plantain farming is close to the market so as to reduce the cost of transporting the plantain fruits and facilitate easy sales of the plantain after harvest.


Plantain suckers are the bedrock of your plantain farm, therefore, if you did not plant healthy and viable plantain suckers at the beginning then your farm will not produce good plantains that can bring in good returns. Also the suckers that your farm will produce will not be

Therefore, I advise that you buy your plantain suckers from a reliable source.

If you want to source for your plantain sucker, there are commonly 3 types of plantain sucker, they are: water plantain sucker,sword plantain sucker, maidenhead plantain sucker.

When sourcing for plantain sucker, make sure you avoid the water plantain sucker because it generates low yield. The maidenhead plantain sucker or the sword plantain sucker is better. You can get one plantain sucker for N80 to N150 depending on your location and the quantity you want to buy. The unit price becomes cheaper when you buy larger quantities.

If you don’t know how to identify the good cultivar of plantain sucker that will give you very high yield you can request in the comment section that we link you up with a reputable farm where you can get very good plantain suckers that will produce big fruits.

Once you have these three things I mentioned above, then you are good to go. All you have to do is follow these step by step guide to set up and manage your own plantain farm.

Land preparation simply means getting the land ready for planting. The first step in land preparation is clearing of the land. Clearing can be done manually using cutlass for a small portion of land but for large farmland you will need to use a tractor.
Once clearing is done, apply organic maures such as poultry droppings, pig dung or other organic manure to the farm in order to improve the fertility of the land before you plough the land to work the maure properly into the soil and also loosen the soil for proper aeration.

The next step after land preparation is planting of the plantain suckers. Before planting the suckers you will have to process the suckers. Plant when the soil is moist as plantain needs water to grow well. Hence, the best time to plant is during the rainy season. The recommended plant spacing for plantain is 2m by 3m.
Planting plantain suckers is relatively easy but if you have to plant a large number, you may have to employ labourers to carry out the planting. The labourers are usually paid per unit of plantain sucker they plant.

Weed control is very important in plantain farming. This is because the presence of weeds on the plantain plantation will greatly affect yield and if not taken care of can kill the plantain especially when they are still at a very young stage.
Weeds also compete for nutrients, space and water that should be available to the plantain. You can control weed on your plantain farm manually by employing labourers or with the use of selective herbicides.
As the plantain stands matures and begins to develop suckers, it is important that you remove excess suckers leaving only the healthiest sucker for the sake of continuity.

The best type of fertilizer for plantain is the organic manure because it releases its nutrients naturally to the soil. However, you can apply inorganic fertilizer such as NPK, which contains Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium that plantain needs to grow and produce big healthy fruits. Proper care must be taken when applying inorganic fertilizer such as NPK to avoid excessive use. Dead leaves from the plantain can be left to decay in order to supply nutrients to the soil.

It takes about 8 to 10 months after planting for the plantain stands to attain maturity and produce fruits. Harvesting is usually done in batches as the plantain will not reach maturity at the same time. You harvest the bunch of plantain when they are matured and the fruits are big. You can then process the plantain into different forms before you sell or sell directly without processing it. The good thing about plantain is that you don’t have to buy suckers again because it will produce new suckers naturally. You can start making money from selling the healthy suckers from your plantain farm.

You can sell the plantain fruits directly in the open market. On average, you can sell a bunch of fresh plantains about N750 to N2000 each, depending on the size of the bunch, the location and the season. Plantain is always in demand, therefore you don’t need to worry about lack of buyers for your plantain.
You can supply to the local market, companies that process plantain into chips or flour and you can even export to other countries. You can set up your own plantain processing plant and sell the finished products.

In conclusion, plantain farming business is very lucrative and the capital to start a plantain farming is relatively low. The real wealth in plantain farming comes when you can supply plantain during off seasons when the demand for plantain is higher than the supply. During this period, the market price of plantain is high. The way to key into this opportunity is to install irrigation facilities on your farm so that you will have plantain that you can sell for a higher prices when many farmers do not.

There are low budget irrigation facilities that you can install on your plantain farm. Let us know in the comment section if you are interested in installing irrigation facilities on your farm.
We have a team of experts that will install irrigation perfectly on your farm at an affordable rate.

As a working class or a business person who is always busy, don’t let the lack of time for set up and management of a plantain farm prevent you from enjoying the benefits of investing in a plantain farm that will continue to give you profits all your life without you stressing yourself. You can even will it to your children. We are ready to help you set up your plantain farm from start to finish and even manage it for you. Tell us in the comment section if you fall in this category and we will schedule a private session with you on how you can start your plantain farm as soon as possible.

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