Are you a farmer, agro-manufacturer, agripreneur, Investor or professional with interest in Agribusiness? then you are qualify to join Agropreneurs Forum on whatsapp or google group or linkedin.

Agropreneurs Forum is an interactive forum network of Agribusiness practitioners where we Share agribusiness opportunities, Learn Agricultural practices & Management & Earn via marketing of our products & services.

Presently, we have Nigeria Agropreneurs Forum (NAF) running on Whatsapp while Global Agropreneurs Forum (GAF) is running on Whasapp Facebook Group, Google Group and Linkedin Group.

Know the Forum Policies;

Forum Policies

1. Everyone is expected to contribute to the development of the platform via info sharing, presentation & answering questions. If you don’t know what they are discussing, you can ask questions. You can share or present information in the area of agriculture, finance, management, land matters, legal matters, market information, administration, export-import, Agric-Engineering & machinery, Agritech, ICT & relevant information.
2. You are allowed to advertise/promote/market your (or others’) products & services only on Sundays, Mondays & Fridays
3. No fraudulent activities, No other group invite & No use of abusive language or excessive vernacular.
4. No irrelevant & incoherent discussions, posts & jokes.
5. Avoid destructive criticism and appreciate contributions from members.
6. If you have recommendations, suggestions or referrals, please privately contact the Group Admin.
7. Any violator of the above rules shall be disqualified (removed) from the group
8. If you are satisfied with the above policies then proceed to join the forum with whatsapp no, first contact the group admin by telling him your, Name, Country/Location, Profession, Agribusiness Practice, Area of Interest & future contributions and after the group admin has added you, repeat same introductory format in the forum.

Nigerian only – Join NAF here. 

Non-Nigerian only – Join GAF here