Hewlett-Packard Company has created a free online program called HP Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs (HP LIFE). This is an online training platform for young and fledging entrepreneurs who wish to gain the real-life IT and business skills needed to start or grow a business, build successful companies and create jobs in your own time and at your own pace. The program is organized in partnerships with various organizations such as Education Development Center (EDC), United State Agency for International Development (USAID), United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE), HP Cloud Services, etc.
At the end of each courses, a customized certificate will be awarded to the participant.
Courses to Learn in HP LIFE Program
a. Finance (Basic of Finance; Profit & Loss; Finding Funding; Cash Flow; Sales Forecasting)
b. Marketing (Social Media Marketing; Unique Value Proposition; Selling Online; Setting Prices; Benefits vs. Features;
c. Operation (Maximizing Capacity; Managing Contacts; Customer Relationships; Hiring Staff; Inventory Management)
d. Communication (Your Target audience; Effective Presentation; Business Email; Presenting Data; Effective Websites)
e. Special Topics include Social Entrepreneurship; Energy Efficiencyand Effective Leadership.
It is easy getting started, you just need to register and update necessary information, after that, you are free to take any course of your choice. It is important to join HP LIFE Community in order to connect with entrepreneurs and trainers from all over the world. You can share experiences, inspire each other and help grow successful businesses.
To participate in HP LIFE program, CLICK ME 

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