Creating a sustainable source of food for a planet of 9 billion people is one of the greatest challenges facing mankind. Unleashing the spirit of entrepreneurship along with new, innovative technologies will be the key to success.
Forbes in partnership with SVG Partners and The Steinbeck Innovation Cluster hosts Reinventing America: The AgTech Summit, 2015 in Salinas Valley, California. The event will bring together several hundred of the smartest minds in Silicon Valley and global agriculture in Salinas Valley to tackle some of the world’s most critical challenges from July 8 – 9.
The Summit will showcase breakthrough ideas from entrepreneurs and startups as well as the latest technologies being employed by farmers and huge agri-business companies.
Please join us and our thought-leading business leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, venture capitalists, investors, policy makers and academics as we tackle these critically important issues and help shape the future of global agriculture.
Some of the speakers include, Robb Fraley, Monsanto; Sid Gorham, Granular, Inc.; Neal Gutter, Dupoint Poineer; Sara Menker, Gro Intelligence, Inc.; Kip Tom, Tom Farm; Jesse Volmar, Farmlogs Steves Forbes, Forbes Media
For more information on how to get involved, visit this link here:

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