The FAO 2015 Model Conference will be taking place at FAO HQs, Rome, Italy from 21 to 25 September. The FAO Model 2015 Conference wishes to bring you closer to complex world of negotiations around food production, consumption, trade and safety; if you have never taken part to a similar experience, then this is a wonderful occasion to test your abilities and present an innovative approach to standing international issues. The FAO Model 2015 Conference will be an incredible occasion to discover a new world of issues, diplomatic confrontations and discussions that you may have never thought about before but are at the very core of every world society: food. 
 FAO Model 2015 is a real opportunity to live and prepare yourself for an international Conference under the guidance of skilled and competent Chairpersons, in the framework of a real United Nations building. You will be in touch with a world that may offer you much more than just another extra-curricular activity, as you will also meet officials and representatives during the Conference, formally and informally. The objective is to flank and provide concrete, young and innovative solutions to the Millennium Development Goal Zero Hunger Challenge: eradication of hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition for all!
 Applications are currently open through the website: www.faomodel.org

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