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 It is glaring so far that many people are yet to get a perfect glimpse of what Greenhouse farming is all about. Some even say greenhouse is just ordinary net house. There is now a mixed up among Greenhouse, Net house and Polytunnel.
Well… I understand that greenhouse is an emerging technology in Nigeria and other Tropical regions.
Facts You Should Know About Greenhouse Farming
1. Greenhouse is a protected structure designed to grow high valued vegetables and crops such as Tomatoes, Capsicum, Cucumber, Leafy Vegetables, Seedlings, etc.
2. Greenhouse farming has levels ranging from High tech, Medium Cost to Low Cost
3. Yield from greenhouse farming is 2-10 times higher than open field
4. Greenhouse design and Management Model are critical for success
5. Greenhouse is a sure guarantee for off season production
6. Greenhouse produces have longer shelf life and  better quality
7. Greenhouse crops are not affected by adverse weather conditions and there is low/no incidence of pests and diseases. You have better control of greenhouse environment.
8. Greenhouse farming maximizes small inputs (such as Land/Space, Water, Nutrients, etc) to give larger output and resource use efficiency is assured
9. Greenhouse farming can be started on marginal lands or using soil-less media (Hydroponics)
10. You can go organic with greenhouse farming

11. Greenhouse produces are for target market like Urban,  Peri-urban, Export,  Supermarkets,  Veggies Stores etc. and the demand is huge
12. Less than 5% of the farming population are into greenhouse farming


13. It is a worthwhile investment for Entrepreneurs, Graduates, Professionals, Retirees and Investors
14. Greenhouse Payback period is 1.5 – 2.0 years
15. You need knowledge and skill for successful greenhouse farming
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  1. Eugene Hyacinth-Ossai says:

    After reading your greenhouse article, I want express my interest to going into greenhouse farming. I will be glad to know the cost implication for the low/medium type of greenhouse to begin with. My farm is located in Delta State. Thanks as I await your response asap.

  2. Amos Johnson says:

    I like to appreciate that you are into this, seen it’s benefits and don’t mind that share.
    I have just a little space of about 3 acres in Pipe Line area of Magboro.
    I’d like to know if it is not too small to do something meaningful and profitable and how.

  3. Tunde A says:

    Pls help me understand these,I use to think greenhouse farming is on for small crops like pepper,tomatoes,carrot etc.

    I have a small piece of land of say 3plots and am thinking of using it for agriculture. What’s the cost to start on a small scale with a greenhouse

  4. Olatunji Beckley says:

    Hi, I’m interested in Greenhouse farming. Please send a quote for a 100 x 50 meter size steel greenhouse. I have an acre of farmland at Ado-Odo / Otta local govt. area of Ogun state.

  5. Sanmi says:

    Can I get a quotation for a plot of land to be covered with just small space left for packaging.

    Can I have in my email please so I can work towards it if I don’t have enough funds. Then how long with it take your team to put it all in place .

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