Basic Broiler Processing Equipment for Small-Medium Scale

 Faced with current economic situations, farmers are finding ways to grow their markets, turnover and profits. One major way is by value addition.  The higher your level of value addition, the more your revenue and benefits. Well known is the fact that some farmers raise broilers to target festive periods which bring in only seasonal income. When consumers buy live broilers, processing becomes a herculean task for majority of them. Really, most consumers want convenient way to get their chickens prepared and processed broiler remains the next option for them.

Currently, the demand for processed broilers and other poultry products are increasing. This presents a great opportunity for farmers and entrepreneurs to enter broiler processing industry to boost their income.

Broiler processing is a way of adding value to live broiler production. Processing offers opportunity to make chickens available all year round to consumers and increase your revenue base.   To achieve this, there is need to know and procure basic broiler processing equipment to boost productivity and improve efficiency. Basic broiler processing equipment for small-medium scale is therefore identified below;

  1. Kill Cone or Slaughtering Cone are funnel-shaped equipment made of stainless steel used for killing birds. It is designed to prevent the birds from flapping its wings or backing out during slaughtering and used to recover blood during bleeding.
  2. Scalding Tank is a tank with boiling water where birds are immersed to loosen the feathers.
  3. Defeathering Machine is a cylinder-shaped equipment made of stainless steel used for picking or removing the feathers. The machine removes feathers by abrasive action of rubber fingers.
  4. Eviscerating Table is stainless steel table on which guts (intestine, oesophagus, spleen, reproductive organs, lung) are separated from the carcass.
  5. Packing Table is equally a stainless steel table used in meat packaging section.
  6. Rinsing Tank is stainless steel tank used for washing the carcass to reduce bacteria load.
  7. Chiller is used for long term storage of frozen chickens. It maintains the temperature of frozen chickens after blast freezing.
  8. Water bottle or Cooling Tank is used to lower the temperature of carcass (eviscerated broiler) to prevent microbial growth and improve meat quality. …..
  9. Cutting Machine is a motorised equipment used for cutting carcass to obtain different configurations such as wings/drumettes, breasts, thighs and drumsticks . Whole birds and birds with bruises or broken bones are often subjected to cutting which will increase its value and offer more convenience to customers than whole carcass.
  10. Blast Freezer is used for freezing poultry products. Blast freezer uses cold air circulated by fan for rapid air movement. Well processed blast frozen poultry can stay flavourful for about 5 months.
  11. Carcass Hanger: is used for hanging eviscerated, washed / rinsed and chilled broiler carcass to drain out water before packing. This is necessary to prevent contamination.

All the above equipment is locally fabricated and available. To get any of above equipment, contact Kaspharyn Solutions, Nigeria

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163 thoughts on “Basic Broiler Processing Equipment for Small-Medium Scale

  1. Samdanest Nig Ltd says:

    Dear sir,
    We are into poultry farming and based in Ijebu ode. We are basically into egg production and we intend to add meat production line to the business as a result of requests of recent for poultry meat especially broiler.
    Please we will need quotes for broiler processing equipment as listed above except shredding machine.
    Please treat as urgent.

  2. Odusanya Ngozi says:

    Dear Sir, we are into broiler production and are based in Ijebu -Ode.We want to add broiler processing. We will like to get a quotation on starting a medium scale proccessing industry. Thank you for your co-opperation. Odusanya Ngozi (mrs) fornGrandsilcen Nigeria Enterprises.

  3. Mosunmola says:

    Very expository. Thank you for this. I intend to venture into broiler processing. Please, I need a list of the quotation of the above listed machines for a small to medium scale level. Thanks in anticipation.

  4. Alex Dewale says:

    I’m interested is setting up a small/medium scale broiler processing plant. Kindly send me the list of equipment/machineries involved and how much they would cost please.

    • Ademulegun,T.I says:

      We are setting up an integrated poultry farm and intend to include broiler processing. Kindly send quotation for the equipment and also address of any processor in Ondo State or near by States.

  5. Folasade Ajayi says:

    Hmm! Interesting. Can l have a full quote for a small scale processing unit, including the blast freezer,(along with the electric capacity)

  6. Malachy Umoren says:

    Interesting. I have just started a pilot on integrated farming – broilers/fish/snails/vegetables. I have broiler processing in mind in the medium term. Can I have a quote on the basic equipment excluding shredder? Thank you.

  7. Ariyo Adebayo says:

    Nice. Please can I get a quote for a small processing machines. Just the defeathering machine and 500kg blast freezer. Thanks

  8. Adebisi j says:

    Please i am planning on opening a processing plant. What is the quote for the above equipment except shredding machine. What is the price for complete business plan for both the poultry and processing plant

  9. Muktar Umar says:

    Kindly sent to me the quotation and any other relevant information (equipment sales outlets, etc). My business location is in Kano, I need to know if you have branch here or at nearby states. Thank you.

  10. Kelvin Esewe says:

    Good day sir, we are a company who is about to set up a poultry processing plant. We would like you to send us a quote for the purchase, supply and installation of the required equipment. Thanks, as we look forward to hearing from you soon.

  11. Akpan Miracle Uduak says:

    Good day sir, My name is Akpan Miracle in Abuja, I am a young entrepreneur with a vision to set up a broiler processing company later this year. I need the quotation for all of the equipment listed above. I would also need the quotation for a detailed business plan for the same business. Thank you very much for such a platform like this. I absolutely love it

  12. Nnenne says:

    Please I need a quote on your poultry processing plant, please include electric capacity quantity it can process per time, I need quotation for the blast freezer too

  13. Mrs Bello says:

    Good day, could you pls send a quotation of all your processing equipments to me ? I want to go into full time chicken processing and packaging, pls send everything i require and their prices.
    Mrs Bello from lagos

    Also i want to be doing 1000 birds per day.

    • Damilola says:

      Hello Mrs Bello please can I have ur contact? I want to start up broiler rearing poultry I need to ask you some question concerning the business thank you. My numb 08161572716

  14. Olusoji says:

    Please send me a quote for a complete broiler processing equipment, that can process 300 and for 1000 broilers per day and cost for different capacities of blast freezer.

    • Damilola says:

      Morning Mr soji I also want to go into broiler farming please it would be nice to have your contact sir, so I can’t ask you further question about this business. Thank you , my numb 08161572716

  15. Oladapo Adeoye says:

    Good day, Kindly supply me all the equipment needed for broiler processing with the cost of each.
    Awaiting your response please

  16. Adegoke says:

    Good Morning, I want a quote for all broiler processing equipments of 500-1000 daily capacity. Please treat as urgent.

    You can address it to DOSARAF MULTTIBIZ KONCEP, Lagos

  17. Abimbola says:

    Good day. Kindly send the quotation for all the machines mentioned above and their capacities. Please include the blast freezer and explanation on how it can be powered (alternate source of power). I want to include meat production

  18. Ahmed Matti says:

    Good day sir, am base in Lagos. I want to engage in poultry bird processing, please send me the quotation of broiler processing line… Thank you

  19. Joshua Akinbolanle says:

    Hello sir. I own a farm in ikorodu, lagos state. I sell birds to process them. I wish to start processing them myself. Can you please send me a quotation of the equipments I need and their prices? Thank you

  20. John Makanjuola says:

    Good day. Please I am building a factory in Ilorin Kwara state and wants to start poultry processing. Kindly avail me your quotation of various processing equipment for my use and we will conclude the deals immediately.
    Waiting for your prompt response.

  21. Chika says:

    Good day Ayodele. Hope the message meets you well.
    My partner and I are looking to set up a medium scale factory in Lagos to process not less that 400 Frozen Chicken daily for a start, please kindly send me a quotation for all machinery including a blast freezer.
    If you resident in Lagos we are also interested in hiring you as a Consultant to advice us on set up and Marketing strategies. If you are interested, you can also send me your number so we can continue this conversation.
    Thank you

  22. Ofili Franklin Chukwubuikem says:

    I will like to know how effective this your machines and equipment are and the prices. send me your quote first and convince me with some points about their efficiency,

  23. Abdulrazaq Suleiman says:

    I’m just starting up and interested in doing at least 500 birds per week with the option of expending as soon as consumers increases, kindly forward a quotation of equipments and possibly a business plan. My location is Yanya,Mararaba, Abuja/Nasarawa. Awaiting your prompt response.

  24. Isaac says:

    Good day sir, I am building a broiler processing in osun, kindly send me the quote for all the equipment listed above in various capacities except the shredding machine. Thank you

  25. Abdulrazaq Suleiman says:

    I need quotation for the chicken processing equipments that can produce say; 500 – 1000 chickens per week.

  26. Aderele rotimi says:

    Dear sir,
    I am planning to add broiler processing to my layer egg business in the next couple of weeks by GOD’s grace please send me quotation for above equipments,I am based in Akure ondo state

  27. Sandra Okosun says:

    Good day sir, I intended starting a poultry processing business in Benin, Edo state. Can you please me the quotation on all these equipment. And please send me your phone number so we can talk one on one. Keep up the good work and thanks for this info.

  28. Sandra Okosun says:

    Hello sir, I can’t see my previous posts here, but I’ve received subscription/confirmation mails. Please I need the quotations of all the equipment here. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  29. Brownson says:

    Sir, I needed a proforma invoice including contact and address for some of the above listed equipment: slaughtering cones, one scalding tanks, defeathering machine, one motorized cutting machine, one shredding machine, one eviscerating table together with delivery cost to Port Harcourt. Thanks for your time and assistance

  30. Okorodudu Florence mrs says:

    I like the processing equipment and thanks for the write up. Can I get a quotation for the complete set my farm is in Delta state of Nigeria.

  31. Jamilu Sani says:

    We are ZEELIGHT INTEGRATED ENTERPRISES. We intended to start mini poultry processing business. Pls what are the prices of all the equipment including the blast freezer. Pls treat urgently.

  32. Victor Olufemi says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am planning to set up on a small scale frozen chicken processing business. I will like to know what it will cost to set up this factory . Prices of the individual machines / equipment will also be needed.
    I will also like to find out if there any operational support for start up business like mine.
    Kind regards

  33. Engr Uzama osaro says:

    I need you to send a comprehensive quote for the equipments needed to start a medium scale boiler processing business.

  34. Adewole Adebayo Moses says:

    Urgent please
    I’m into eggs production and my farm is situated in Agbado, Ogun state. and want to go into broilers processing .
    Kindly send me quotes for all the chicken processing equipments identified in this write up

  35. Daniel Izuagie Asunomeh says:

    Thank you Mr Ayodele please give me a quotation of these processing machine I need them for my little processing please explain their durability and capacity for example how many broilers can be processed using these machines in an hour

  36. Ossai Ndudi says:

    Good morning sir.
    I just went through your list of chicken processing equipment and it’s quite interesting.
    Please send me quote of available equipment and their output capacities if the come in different sizes.
    Thank you.

  37. Abraham Stones says:

    Hello ayodele, I am abraham based in abuja I work with a food processing (zarephathhub) we are interested in this equipment can I get a quotation. Thanks

  38. Mark victor Ogbonnaya says:

    Dear sir, please I need a qoute of the processing machines because I want to use it for a bussiness plan.thank u

  39. Adebimpe Durosinmi says:

    Hello, Found this helpfuland will be going into Broiler Processing next year. Please send me Quotation for all the equipment including the blast freezer. Thank you

  40. Tolu says:

    Kindly send me the quotes on the equipments. Looking at a capacity of 500 birds per day. My farm is located at ifo in ogun state

  41. Damilola says:

    Good morning please send me the quotation of the processing equipment, I will be going into broiler production and processing I don’t need the freezer and the shading equipment, me send others to me, the price and everything.

  42. John Ifeanyi Oliver says:

    Good day please can I get a comprehensive price quote on these machines excluding the shredding machine,am writing to bank of Industry for a loan ,I want to start chicken processing,so I can include the prices there.

  43. Elohozino Ulebe says:

    Kindly send a quote. Thank you very much. You have really simplified the whole process by putting everything in one place.

  44. Felix says:

    Please send a quotation of all the equipments and their capacity.
    2.Can the capacity be increased?
    3.Would there be readily available replacement parts and and do you offer post-purchase service.
    4.Can you offer training to staff.

  45. K says:

    Hello please I’d like to know the cost?
    Also, please sir do you know any chicken processors who can process for other companies?

  46. Ndudi Onome Jacinta, says:

    Good morning,please May I have the cost of the full equipment of the chicken processor? Please treat as urgent.thanks

  47. Zulayha Damilola says:

    This is interesting! Please I need the quotation of these equipment… I’m currently undergoing a training on Agribusiness… planning to start Broiler Processing and Packaging

  48. GaniSunmonu says:

    Much thanks for the educative post. We’re a small and growing poultry outfit based in Ekiti State. Please send the quotation for the complete production line for 100 birds per day. We’re also interested in a one-on-one training on broiler processing.

  49. Mike Tunde Ola-Oluwa says:

    Thanks for the comprehensive details of all the poultry processing equipments that you sell. I would as ppreciate it if you could forward me your quotation

  50. Stanley Naenwi says:

    Hello Mr Ayodele can u pls pls me a quote for broilers processing machine without the shredding machine thanks

  51. Matthew says:

    Thanks for this presentation. Pls sir I will need the full quotations for the processing equipments sir.

  52. Gbadamosi Mutairu akanji says:

    Please can I have the price for the following items?
    1. Blast freezer for 300/500kg
    2. Defeathering Machine (5 birds )
    3. Killing cone 8pcs

  53. Victor says:

    Kindly provide a quote stating capacity and terms of payment, delivery and installation of a complete line for broiler processing.

  54. John Friday says:

    Good day sir, Am a poultry Farmer from Benue state and I will like to know the prices of the various equipments
    1. Slaughtering cone
    2. Scalding tank
    3.Defeathering machine
    4. Eviscerating table
    5. Rinsing tank
    6. Chiller and water bottle
    7. Cutting machine
    8. Shredding machine and
    9. Blast freezer

  55. Achigbue Christian says:

    Am happy I stumbled on your post. Pls, can I get quotation for setting up small scale slaughtering process. Pls, it’s very urgent. Just the complete line you stated above.
    Thank you.

  56. Anthony IYERE says:

    Good morning. I would appreciate if you could give me quote.on the cost of your blasting freezer as a matter of urgency!
    I thank you in anticipation of a speedy reply

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