Apply for UNIDO International Award in Agribusiness

UNIDO ITPO Italy, Investment and Technology Promotion Office of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, in collaboration with the Future Food Institute request qualified candidates to contest for awards for innovative ideas and technologies in agribusiness. The contest seeks solutions that could lead to social, environmental and economic improvements if implemented in Developing Countries (DCs).

The contest offers an opportunity at international level to highlight and promote new solutions to upgrade food security and safety requirements in DCs while creating links with the business world to establish positive synergies with the opportunity to submit the project to potential partners in the UNIDO network.

The award will give priority to the following themes;

Cultivation, harvesting, processing, conservation, packaging and distribution of agricultural, livestock and fishery products;

Valorization of agricultural products of local communities and aimed at fighting food waste and losses;

Logistics management and access to international markets of agricultural products of DCs;

Improvement of life and economic conditions of workers in the agricultural and similar sectors in DCs;

Development and qualification of a local market for food and agricultural goods and by products;

Environmental solutions for agribusiness waste treatment & management, and production of energy and water from alternative sources for agricultural, human and zoo technical use;

Smart and Urban Agriculture and ICT & big data application.

Candidates from the following categories are qualified to apply;

Micro, small, medium, and large enterprises;

Startups operating in the relevant sectors;

Research centers, incubators, Technology Transfer offices, university spin-offs, and academia;

Public-Private Partnerships;

Associations, business consortia and networks, NGOs, as well as public and private foundations linked to the business world and international cooperation;

Researchers, innovators and smallholders farmers.

The award ceremony will be held in Rome on 15 May 2019 within the framework of EXCO 2019, the first ever international expo of Development Cooperation to be held in Italy this year. The applications will have to be submitted through the online form, no later than 31 March 2019 GMT

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