The 2nd round of the Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF) Agribusiness Africa Window (AAW) is currently open for applications until 28th February 2015. The best ideas are awarded up to US$1.5m in grants and interest free loans. Interested private sector companies can compete in the 2nd round of the Agribusiness Africa Window by submitting their new and innovative business ideas on the AECF website. Ideas must comply with the rules (eligibility and selection criteria) of the particular competition being applied for.
To qualify, the business or institution must be one or more of the following:
– an agribusiness operating, or planning to operate, in an African country.
– a business idea that combines commercial success with a positive impact on hundreds or thousands of poor farmers.
– a business introducing an innovation and planning to do something that has not been done in your country before.
– a business planning to invest, or expand investments, in crop, livestock or aquaculture production, processing, packaging, marketing, or exports.
– a financial institution planning to engage in the agricultural sector, or an information provider for farmers or agribusinesses.
The AECF is a special fund that supports business ideas across Africa. The AECF AAW 2nd round will support business ideas in the fields of agribusiness, financial services and value chains which extend across Africa and international markets. Business ideas that qualify for funding must have positive impact on the rural poor: delivering increased employment reduced costs and improved productivity.
The Fund awards grants and repayable grants to private sector companies to support innovative business ideas in agriculture, agribusiness, renewable energy, adaptation to climate change and access to information and financial services.
Its purpose is to improve incomes of smallholder farmers and the rural poor. The AECF is supported by the governments of Australia, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom, as well as the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

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