5 Reasons Packaging Design is Important for Agriculture Business

Some would say that in this day and age, the packaging and designing of the product is almost as important as the quality of the product. This wouldn’t be entirely wrong.

People have become highly visual and if they don’t like what they see, they will look for another option. This is why packaging design has to be convincing enough for the consumer to invest in the product. When it comes to agriculture businesses, the packaging is one of the main selling points. If you are in the business or looking to enter this industry, then this is where you should put in a lot of effort.

Whether you are involved in B2B supply or sell directly to the consumer, your packaging design needs to engage retailers, wholesalers and individual customers as well.

Here are 5 reasons why it is so important for an agriculture business.

  1. It Leads to Higher Sales

This is one of the most critical factors behind good packaging design. In agriculture, the way you choose to package your products or produces is how you get more people to buy them. Think of it this way. The packaging design is the first point of contact between the product and the consumer. It has to be something that immediately reaches out to them. Keep in mind that this only works if your packaging design is according to your target audience. For example, products being sold to other businesses and wholesalers will be packaged differently than products going directly to customers. Only the logo design remains the same on everything so make sure that your agriculture business logo is created in a way that it appeals to the customer whether on a small package or large bags.  

For bulk selling of crops, fruits and vegetables or dairy products, the packaging design has to convey strength, reliability and security. Otherwise, when your products reach the customers directly, you can be more creative with the packaging designs. It is how you will attract more people and increase sales. According to several reports, there are seven in ten consumers who have said that the design of the package helps them makes a decision about buying the product. Around 30 percent of businesses have reported an increase in their product revenue after changing or improving the packaging design. Other than this, 52 percent of the consumers have also stated that they would pay more for a product if they liked the packaging.

2. It Creates a Brand Identity

There is a lot of competition in the agriculture business and you want to stand out by making the right impression. With a striking packaging design, you are not only creating your brand identity in the market but also differentiating from the others. It’s how you tell your target audience that what you have to offer is unique to your brand. Packaging design is such an important element of branding that it can tell everyone one might need to know about a business.

Packaging can be a theater, it can create a story

Steve Jobs

With the eye-catching color contrasts, product package sizes and shapes, you can have a brand identity that can be iconic one day.

3. It is Informational and Communicates with Consumers

The packaging design tells the consumer everything they need to know about your business. It’s why you have to be as transparent and honest as you can on the package. As an agriculture business, you have to be very careful about the information you put out through design. If you are selling to wholesalers, retailers and other businesses, the packaging design has to be done depending on the produce. For example, for crops and harvest, you need strong bulk bags that are easily carried anywhere. It has to carry all the relevant information such as pesticides used, their effects, when it was cut and how long will it last. Similarly, for products that go out to the customers directly, the packaging design needs to have detailed information as well. Apart from your brand logo, include ingredients used, expiry and manufacturing dates as well as whether your product is according to FDA / NAFDAC standards and has passed requires tests.

4. It Helps with Protection

Basically, the packaging design in any form offers protection to the product. Even if it’s a film or transparent sheet covering the product, it will be protecting the produce from damage and dust. The produce can be affected greatly during shipping, transportation or just by the environment. For instance, there are certain vegetables and fruits which can go bad when left in the sun for too long. The packaging design will protect it from that. It certainly has to be flexible, durable and keep out germs and bacteria from getting in.

5. It is a Marketing Tool

In these times, everything is digitized and social media is how most businesses market their products. As an agriculture business, you can take advantage of these digital platforms by having a package design which is highly impressive. So if someone posts about your product somewhere or sees the package design and writes about it, more people will become interested in it. As a report has discovered, around 66 percent of new consumers try different products because of their packaging design. Sometimes, even the right colors on the package design can make a difference because of the way people react to them.

Whether you select a fancy type of packaging design or something serviceable, make sure the design and style helps promote your product effectively to your customers. It helps establish credibility, trust and quality of your farm or agricultural product.

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